PULIFICI HANDLING SYSTEMS (www.pulifici.it), is a company founded in 1882 specializing in ingenierizzazione and construction of machines and equipment for heavy duty use in areas of heavy bulk handling, able to ingenierizzare new products and systems in different sectors of placing technology and know-how, established over a hundred years the brand's activity Pulifici.
Pulifici Handling Systems in addition to the construction of machines such as conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, roller shutters, silos is also able to create metal structures and provide turnkey installations. The main areas in which operate are cement, plaster and lime, glass, steel, ceramics and kilns, ecology of incinerators and biomass.

OMT (www.omttrombetta.it), has been working in the construction of special speed reducers and mechanical processing for third parties for more than 30 years, equipped with numerical control machines which enable high precision mechanical processing thus allowing the manufacture of special products, equipment, machinery and gears, in addition to normal standard articles.
The basic principle of company policy, based on the creation of items with a high quality standard, is that of using raw materials obtained from leading companies in the sector who can guarantee certification of each supply. Remaining within the sphere of a complete service to the customer, we are also able to carry out heat and finishing treatments on request.
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